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ATTOM Data Solutions is a leading provider of premium property data and analytics. Their comprehensive datasets empower businesses and individuals to make informed decisions in the real estate market. Despite their industry expertise, ATTOM Data Solutions sought to enhance their online presence and visibility through improved SEO strategies.




Strategy Implemented:

Technical SEO Audit:

  • Conducted a thorough audit of the website to identify and address technical issues impacting SEO performance.
  • Fixed crawl errors, broken links, and duplicate content to ensure optimal crawling and indexing by search engines.
  • Optimized website structure, navigation, and site speed for improved user experience and search engine rankings.


Content Enhancement:

  • Developed a content strategy focused on providing valuable insights, industry trends, and data-driven analyses related to the real estate market.
  • Created a variety of content formats including blog posts, whitepapers, case studies, and infographics to cater to different audience preferences and informational needs.
  • Ensured content was optimized for relevant keywords and incorporated internal linking to improve website authority and navigation.


SEO Support for Social Media Profiles and YouTube:

  • Conducted a comprehensive audit of ATTOM Data Solutions’ social media profiles to ensure alignment with SEO best practices.
  • Optimized social media profiles with relevant keywords, engaging descriptions, and consistent branding to improve visibility and searchability.
  • Developed an SEO-focused strategy for the YouTube channel, including keyword-optimized video titles, descriptions, and tags to enhance discoverability and reach.





By implementing a comprehensive SEO strategy encompassing technical SEO audit, content enhancement, and SEO support for social media profiles and YouTube, ATTOM Data Solutions was able to significantly improve their online visibility, attract more targeted traffic, and strengthen their brand presence in the competitive real estate data market. The combination of technical optimizations, compelling content creation, and strategic SEO support across various digital channels contributed to measurable improvements in organic search rankings, website traffic, and audience engagement, positioning ATTOM Data Solutions as a trusted authority in property data and analytics.


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